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Whether you need an access tower, a carpet cleaning machine, a cement mixer, a chain block, dehumidifier machine, a floor sander, genie lift, an electric circular saw or jigsaw, a dehumidifier machine, portable heater, or a powerful sds drill or concrete breaker, or maybe an item of powered access equipment like a scissor lift, rest assured we can help you!
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Tool Hire In Leeds

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Floor Sander Hire In Leeds::Lowest Price For Floor Sander And Edge Sanders Hire In Bradford - Halifax - Wakefield - Huddersfield Home
If you are looking to hire a drum floor sander in Leeds or an edger sander machine, rest assured you have come to the right place! Our website features a choice of local suppliers and tool hire shops, most offering low prices on electric floor sanding machines along with the required sandpaper abrasives…

Floor Sander Hire Leeds

Floor Sander Hire Leeds
Electric floor sanders are one of the most popular items of equipment that are regularly hired from local tool hire shops and hire companies in Leeds.
These products are used by contractors as well as DIY users to give a new lease of life to scratched, damaged, and old wooden floors in houses and properties.
These drum sanders are straight forward to use, and can rapidly remove stains, paint, and imperfections as well as general dirt and natural ageing from old wooden floorboards.
Anyone in-just a short period of time can usually operate one of these tools with the end result being a fresh and bright flooring surface that is ready for staining, a coast of varnish, or being left in a natural finish as required.
Floor Sander Hire In Leeds

Floor Sander Hire Leeds

Featured Local Suppliers that provide floor sander hire

Cheap Floor Sander Hire Rates in Leeds

Here at we are renowned for helping both trade users as well as private customers with the useful information on where to go to obtain the best prices and rates for floor sander hire in Leeds.
Our featured suppliers offer great low rates for renting both drum floor sander machine as well as edger sanders. This is in addition to a wide choice of other tool hire products.
With the exception of a few companies, most of our recommended tool hire shops in Leeds offer online booking as well as booking over the telephone. You can simply log-on and create an account with your chosen Leeds Tool Hire company or pick-up the phone and make a booking for a floor sander machine.
Using a floor sander
Using an electric floor sander machine is quite easy and straight forward.
Before starting to use one of these machines we recommend you totally clear the room that you wish to use it in. The room should be totally empty and access restricted to just yourself.
Allow yourself a good hour (in most domestic properties) to carry the job out of floor sanding. Secure any loose or unsound floor boards, ensuring any nails or screws are well below the surface layer of the floor boards (otherwise the sandpaper will be damaged). Start with a coarse grade of sandpaper first, then change to a medium and finally a fine grade to remove any scratches or marks that may be present whilst the floor sanding process is carried out.
Vacuum-up the work area regularly - you will be amazed how this speeds up the floor sander job overall!
After Using Floor Sander Hire Leeds
Allow a good 24 hours before starting to varnish or stain the floor boards in your Leeds property. This time will let the dust totally settle and let you vacuum it up prior to the final finishing of your floor boards or other type of flooring.

Edger Sander Hire

Edger Floor Sander Hire Leeds

The edger sander is a type of floor sander machine that differs from an upright drum sander in several ways.

Firstly, this particular tool is designed specifically for the sanding of the edges of the room around the skirting boards, door frames, and associated architraves in the room.

Unlike an upright sanding machine this product is used at floor level and is guided around the required areas by the operators hands whilst using them being on their knees. (The standard drum floor sander tool is used whilst the operator is standing upright, similar to when using a normal domestic vacuum cleaner machine like a Dyson or Hoover).

An edger floor sander also used discs of abrasive sandpaper as opposed to sheets of sandpaper.

Do I Need An Edger Sander When Choosing Floor Sander Hire in Leeds?

To carry out the job of completely floor sanding a room in your Leeds property you should ideally hire both an upright drum floor sander (like a Hitech HT8 machine) as well as an edger sander!

Having both of these tools to-hand will allow you to complete the job efficiently, and at maybe the best price overall!

If you already have access to say a belt-sander tool or a heavy duty orbital sander then you could time permitting get the job done without having to opt for the rental of an edger sander - but it will mean the job will take longer to complete!

Our Recommendation

In order to get the best result and at the cheapest price our recommendation is that you hire a package of both an upright electric drum floor sander as well as an edger sander machine from one of our featured tool hire shops.

Cheapest Floor Sander Hire

Example of a before and after result of using a floor sander machine.

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